The College’s teams of dedicated teaching and support staff are committed to ensuring that all students are fully supported during their time at College. The information below gives an overview for prospective students and their parents of the support available.

Please visit the 学生支援及福利 section of the Reigate College Portal for more detailed information on how enrolled students can access different kinds of support.

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所有的学生被分配到一个导师小组 和个人导师. 

Personal Tutors are the equivalent of school ‘form teachers’ and will usually be a main subject teacher. This means that students and their Personal Tutors get to know each other extremely well during their time at College.

The Personal Tutor’s primary role is to oversee their tutees’ pastoral care, 由一组牧师支持人员支持, 包括高级职员. They also act as a conduit for information and are responsible for delivering the College’s 教程项目.

所有学生与他们的个人 Tutor, in their Tutor Group once a week, for a mandatory, timetabled tutorial period. 

个人辅导也是重点 家长及监护人与学院联系.

The College’s 教程项目 is delivered by Personal Tutors. 会议涵盖了广泛的主题, 包括关注健康和幸福的主题, 以及与职业发展和职业规划有关的研讨会. 

Students are monitored closely by their teachers who develop an 个人学习计划, 设定出勤率目标, 努力和成就. These are reviewed regularly and form the basis of students’ reports (see below).

显示出勤率的学术报告, 努力和成就, are sent home every six weeks during the main academic year (equating to five reports in the Lower Sixth and four in the Upper Sixth).

Parents and guardians are invited to Review Meetings with subject teachers, 下六年级和上六年级的学生. These are used to discuss progress and feed back any specific issues. 

The College offers all students free access to a comprehensive external counselling service. Trained counsellors can then refer students to other sources of support, should they be required. 

The College’s counselling and safeguarding polices are in line with the Surrey Safeguarding Children Board. These set out to ensure the safety and wellbeing of students at all times.

See College Policies


学院致力于包容 education and seeks to ensure that every student is given the opportunity to 充分利用他们的个人技能和能力.

由专业人士提供专业支持, experienced staff who are based in the 支持学习 Centre on the first floor of Priory Building. 通过enquiries@reigate联系苏珊·卡内尔/罗宾·迪克森

该部门有资格和 有经验的员工评估和支持:

  • 有学习困难或残疾的学生
  • 英语不是第一语言的学生
  • 有身体或感官残疾的学生
  • Students with any medical condition which may affect their learning


All Learning Support needs should be raised at application stage, 这样他们就可以在面试时被跟踪, or before.


The one located on the first floor of the Priory Building is open from 9.00 am to 4.15 pm, Monday to Friday (term-time only) and provides a quiet and friendly environment in which students can work and receive support from staff. Support available might include advice with things like study skills, 有组织能力和应对考试压力的能力.

The second Centre is the Independent Learning Centre (ILC) which is located on the first floor of the Langham Building (above Reception). The ILC is open 8am to 5pm (term-time only) and has around 110 PCs (available on a first come, 先得, together with additional desk space and access to a variety of other resources. The ILC is a silent study area and staff enforce this at all times.

Independent 学习技巧及学习者提升计划: 为了准备 students for life at university or employment, the skills for independent study 嵌入到所有的大学教学中.

被认为有需要的学生 additional support with developing these skills are assigned additional, 通过学习者改进计划,有时间表的课程.